Try the meat which has no meat

Protein is essential for your body. It is the healthy food that all your cells eat and in return the look gorgeous, young and splendid. There is protein in many foods – some of them are very rich in it. Eating meat, eggs, cottage cheese will give you high amounts of protein. Beans, quinoa and lentil are the choice of the vegetarian, when he wants to intake proteins. But these choices are not ideal, since they have high calories and yet they are not as rich in protein as meat, or cheese or eggs are.

If you are sick of eating animal based foods, your solution lies in Seitan. If you haven’t heard of Seitan, get ready to be amazed. It essentially is dough made with vital wheat gluten. The one thing you should remember though is that Seitan is the non-meat meat. It contains high amounts of protein which makes it the best thing to eat if you are willing to give up meat.

For 100 g. of this super food you will get 16-18g. of protein and less than 180 calories, which is awesome, but not as awesome as the fact, that Seitan practically has no saturated fats.  The amount of protein is around a quarter of the recommended daily intake for people that do not lead active life (when you do some kind of sports your body needs additional proteins).

The only problem with seitan is that it misses one essential amino acid – lysine. This problem is easily conquered with a small side dish of beans which are high on lysine. If you are not up for beans, you can just cook the seitan with soy sauce and this will provide the missing amino acid.

Seitan dishes are fairly easy to make and very delicious. Combine two cups of wheat gluten, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder and half a cup of nutritional yeast to start your fabulous dish. Take a cup of broth and mix it with 2 tablespoons of low-sodium soy sauce  until it forms dough. Ad as much broth as it’s needed. Knead the dough for about 3 minutes with a spoon or until it gets elastic. After it is ready shape two loaves out of it.

Your next step is to cook the loaves. Place them in a large saucepan and add 4 cups of low-sodium vegetable broth, 1/2 small onion, diced, 1 clove garlic and enough water to caver the seitan. Cover the pan and bring it to boiling point over medium heat. After that reduce the heat a little and leave it to simmer for 35 to 40 minutes. When the seitan is firm you know your dish is ready. Remove it from the heater and cool it off.

Your high protein dinner is ready. At last you are not dependant on meat to receive the essential proteins your body craves so much. You can eat this as many times as you like during the week but for bests results you should mix it with beans, salads and some times even fish.

Bon appétit

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Being beautiful needs some help. Here are 3 all-natural tips

Do you want to have beautiful, young looking and glowing with life skin? Of course you do, who doesn’t? If you are determined to keep it this way you will have to make some effort. If you are above 25 years old you already know that beauty takes time and some dedication.  It’s not that hard to achieve, but you need to be persistent.

To be beautiful all you need to do is sleep a lot, drink plenty of water and live a stress free life. Yeah… This is impossible I know. Well every one can drink a lot of water, but in today’s society living a stress free life just doesn’t happen that often. Neither is the good night sleep for that matter. You may try to compensate with great diet, but that is just not enough. So if you want to look astonishing you should do it the hard way.

Here are three beauty tips all ladies should know and follow as if it was the law. They will help you take care of your skin, and especially your hands and face, since they are the part of your body visible at all times.

Share your coffee with your hands

Drinking coffee is not the best thing you can do in the morning. Sure it gives you a short term boos for the start of your day, but it dehydrates you. But no body’s perfect and this negative is easy to counter with consuming higher amounts of water. Coffee on the other hand can do wonders for your skin. The coffee grounds make a wonderful all-natural exfoliator, which will remove all dead cells from your body. You only need to take the coffee grounds from your morning coffee and mix it with some olive oil. Your cream is ready and it’s time to apply it. Take some in your hands and rub them gently with circular motions. After a couple of minutes clean your hands with lukewarm water.

Morning care for your face

Some people have a strange morning ritual, where they rub ice cubes on their face every morning. They claim that this rejuvenates the skin and freshens the in the early hours of the day. The benefits of this ritual are doubtful to say the least. Sure it promotes your blood flow, but ice typically dries off your skin. For some more sensitive skin types it may cause even red spots on your face. The right think to do is to take some raw milk from the fridge and mix it with some cucumber juice. Take a cotton ball and apply it on your face. After a while clean your face with cold water. This will not only refresh you for your day, but also will cleanse your skin, living it fresh, soft and glowing.

Shower scrub

You like your skin velvety, soft and tender, right. Well a simple, yet amazing homemade recipe will make you feel like an angel. Just mix 2 tablespoons of used coffee grounds, 4 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 table spoon of sugar. Your all-natural body scrub is ready. Use it while you’re in the shower. Massage your body with circular motions and take special care of areas with cellulite. After this you will feel your skin like a silk robe. Enjoy it.

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Buy some kiwis right away. See how beneficial they are for your helth

Oh, how sweet the taste of kiwi is! Just by mentioning this juicy taste makes you drooling and craving this emerald-colored exotic fruit. And this makes perfect sense since almost every one finds kiwi to be delicious, good looking, and mouthwatering. But that’s not all to it. In fact kiwis have some great benefits they can offer you. Like every fruit it is nutritious which is good enough reason to buy one right now, but kiwis also are extremely good for your health.

First of all kiwi is the perfect food for you if you are trying to lose some weight. It has a very low glycimic index. This means that it won’t provoke a strong insulin rush as other fruits will, so the body won’t start to store fat and will consume all of the nutrients. Further more kiwi has high amount of fibers, which will clean your digestive system and your body will absorb better the needed nutrients you intake with food. As a plus kiwi is a sweet fruit but has low contents of sugar. This makes it a perfect desert or breakfast for someone who likes sweets, but wants to lose weight.

As I mentioned Kiwi has very high fiber content. This makes it the solution for many digestive problems. It’s also great for prophylactics and prevention of intestinal problems of all kinds. The fuzzy fiber which the kiwi contains helps your intestinal tract to get rid of harmful toxins. Furthermore raw kiwis have actinidain – an enzyme that dissolves proteins. This will help you to better digest your meals.

Kiwis have high amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin C. This means that the kiwi is a natural immunity booster, which is even more perfect, because kiwis are ready for eating in late November, just when your immunity system needs the most help. To sweeten the deal kiwis are a great source of vitamin E. This vitamin is well-known antioxidant that helps protecting the skins form degenerating. Thanks to kiwis your skin will look younger, healthier and radiant.

One of the greatest benefits of kiwis is to your heart’s health. It has been proven that eating 2-3 kiwis a day reduces the chance of blood clotting by nearly 20 percent. Furthermore it reduces triglycerides by 15%. This makes kiwi the perfect replacement for aspirin. Aspirin is usually side effects free, but some people are allergic to it. This makes kiwi the perfect anti-clotting solution for them, since the fruit is all- natural and has no side effects.

Kiwis can help you with your eye problems too due to it’s effects against macular degeneration. By eating 3 or more fruits a day you can decrease this leading cause of vision loss by nearly 37%. Scientist think that this effect may be caused by kiwi’s high mounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are natural chemicals found in the human eye.

If these are not enough reasons to buy this marvelous fruit, well buy it because of its fantastic taste. It’s fresh, sweet, low on calories and it good for your health. What are you waiting for?!

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Sour milk is healthy, delicious and a perfect breakfast. See how to do it yourself

Having a nice, beautiful, smooth and young skin is a real chore. Most times it’s so time consuming that you have to skip on some essential parts of your life, like leisure or sleep. This is a terrible fate and you should avoid it by all means.

Everyone’s getting older, and that is the sad truth. With the years your beauty rituals become more complex and more time consuming. But sleep is an essential part of rejuvenating your skin, so you are stuck in paradox. There are just some small things you can do to make it easy for your skin to look younger. One of these things is to eat proper food.

In the 70s there was a centenarian’s outbreak in Georgia. In this socialist country lived more centenarians per capita than anywhere in the world. It was reported that this was due to the high consumption of yogurt. Although it was never scientifically proven that there is link between long life and consumption of yogurt, this super food’s health benefits are well-known.

In Eastern Europe most people can’t afford much of the thinks that make lives easier here in America. Most elderly people there live in poverty and can’t afford even some essential drugs. Yet they live in their late 80-ties and even 90-ties. It is presumed that this phenomenon is due to the high consumption of yogurt. In Bulgaria during the post-socialistic era pensions of old people were so extremely low, that all that they could afford was yogurt and bread. Bulgarian yogurt (or Sour milk, as they call it) is unique for this region thanks to the lactobacillus bulgaricus, which lives only in this small Balkan country. It gives the yogurt an unique flavor that can’t be tasted anywhere in the world. If you ever go to Bulgaria don’t forget to try it. This is one of the prides of their nation.

Often Bulgarians use this unique yogurt to detoxify their bodies. It helps people with diabetes to better digest carbohydrates. It is also believed to have age-defying properties, but this has not be proven yet.

One thing that is sure is that this “Sour milk” is a true miracle thanks to the lactobaillus bulgaricus. It is prescribed by doctors in cases of mild food poisoning because of its detoxifying abilities. People eat it while they are on antibiotics to help their organism cope with the hard drugs.

Interestingly sour milk is very popular in Bulgaria in the mornings after heavy drinking. It’s said that this super food completely heals hangovers and other side effects caused by alcohol.

Sounds great, right? Well sadly you can’t make this super food this effective in US, but you can sure make some sour milk at home, and benefit form some of it’s medical properties.

First you will need to measure 1 cup of milk and pour it in to a bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar and stir it with a fork for about 30 seconds. After that leave it for at least 5 minutes and after that your sour milk is ready. Don’t let it stay for to long once you put the lemon juice in it, or the flavor might go very bad. Enjoy!

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The summer is gone but the next best thing is here

The summer is over and your vacation has faded away with it. There are no more seasides, parties, drinks, late nights and sleeping till noon. There is just work, or school or college, or whatever daily chore you have. If there is one thing positive about this time of year it’s the grapes. Oh how I love them. They are like little drops of heaven that you can eat by dozens.

They are delicious and can be used as a desert for every meal (or in my case instead of every meal). But grapes are not just a gift from God for you to enjoy as the summer slips away, they are a great source of beauty and can help you prepare yourself for the upcoming winter months.

First of all grapes are like a portal to a parallel universe. No they do not take you there, but they bring a universe of anti-oxidants. They will invade your skin and destroy all harmful bacteria. Soon your skin will look fresh, young and radiant. All you have to do is mash some grapes in a bowl and apply them on your face. After 10 minutes rinse this awesome mask with lukewarm water and you’ll feel the instant freshness on your face.

If you have acne problem grapes are your best solution to the problem. The recipe is the same. Mash grapes and apply them on your face. The phyto-nutrients and phyto-chemicals which are packed in each and every grape are going to eat the bacteria causing your skin problems.

Grapes are also packed with flavonoids which are great for protecting you from the harmful sun rays. Yes, yes, the summer is gone, but the sun is still very much hot and bright up in the sky and your skin is as fragile as ever. So make a delicious homemade sun cream and be careful not to eat it before you use it. Mix some honey with mashed grapes and apply it on your sun burns. The healing power of this magical recipe will bring you instant relieve. More importantly your skin won’t suffer as much from it.

The delicious fruit is pretty much a God give gift for your skin, so don’t be shy to use it. Grapes are rich on alpha hydroxyl acids, which are essential for every one, who wants to have fair and young looking skin. This is possible thanks to the fruits properties to clean dead skin cells and protect the surface of your skin from all kinds of germs and bacteria.

People who have dry skin are most affected by the grape’s miracle-like abilities. There is a simple home made face mask that will make wonders with your skin and you will be as smooth as a baby afterwards. Just mix some grape puree, honey, rose water and avocado pulp and your mask is ready. Apply it on your face and leave it for 20 minutes, and after that wash it away with cool water.

Use this mask regularly for several weeks and your skin will became as smooth as the day you were born.

Soooo… what are you waiting for. Go to the market and buy some grapes.


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