Protein is essential for your body. It is the healthy food that all your cells eat and in return the look gorgeous, young and splendid. There is protein in many foods – some of them are very rich in it. Eating meat, eggs, cottage cheese will give you high amounts of protein. Beans, quinoa and lentil are the choice of the vegetarian, when he wants to intake proteins. But these choices are not ideal, since they have high calories and yet they are not as rich in protein as meat, or cheese or eggs are.

If you are sick of eating animal based foods, your solution lies in Seitan. If you haven’t heard of Seitan, get ready to be amazed. It essentially is dough made with vital wheat gluten. The one thing you should remember though is that Seitan is the non-meat meat. It contains high amounts of protein which makes it the best thing to eat if you are willing to give up meat.

For 100 g. of this super food you will get 16-18g. of protein and less than 180 calories, which is awesome, but not as awesome as the fact, that Seitan practically has no saturated fats.  The amount of protein is around a quarter of the recommended daily intake for people that do not lead active life (when you do some kind of sports your body needs additional proteins).

The only problem with seitan is that it misses one essential amino acid – lysine. This problem is easily conquered with a small side dish of beans which are high on lysine. If you are not up for beans, you can just cook the seitan with soy sauce and this will provide the missing amino acid.

Seitan dishes are fairly easy to make and very delicious. Combine two cups of wheat gluten, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder and half a cup of nutritional yeast to start your fabulous dish. Take a cup of broth and mix it with 2 tablespoons of low-sodium soy sauce  until it forms dough. Ad as much broth as it’s needed. Knead the dough for about 3 minutes with a spoon or until it gets elastic. After it is ready shape two loaves out of it.

Your next step is to cook the loaves. Place them in a large saucepan and add 4 cups of low-sodium vegetable broth, 1/2 small onion, diced, 1 clove garlic and enough water to caver the seitan. Cover the pan and bring it to boiling point over medium heat. After that reduce the heat a little and leave it to simmer for 35 to 40 minutes. When the seitan is firm you know your dish is ready. Remove it from the heater and cool it off.

Your high protein dinner is ready. At last you are not dependant on meat to receive the essential proteins your body craves so much. You can eat this as many times as you like during the week but for bests results you should mix it with beans, salads and some times even fish.

Bon appétit

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