Oh, how sweet the taste of kiwi is! Just by mentioning this juicy taste makes you drooling and craving this emerald-colored exotic fruit. And this makes perfect sense since almost every one finds kiwi to be delicious, good looking, and mouthwatering. But that’s not all to it. In fact kiwis have some great benefits they can offer you. Like every fruit it is nutritious which is good enough reason to buy one right now, but kiwis also are extremely good for your health.

First of all kiwi is the perfect food for you if you are trying to lose some weight. It has a very low glycimic index. This means that it won’t provoke a strong insulin rush as other fruits will, so the body won’t start to store fat and will consume all of the nutrients. Further more kiwi has high amount of fibers, which will clean your digestive system and your body will absorb better the needed nutrients you intake with food. As a plus kiwi is a sweet fruit but has low contents of sugar. This makes it a perfect desert or breakfast for someone who likes sweets, but wants to lose weight.

As I mentioned Kiwi has very high fiber content. This makes it the solution for many digestive problems. It’s also great for prophylactics and prevention of intestinal problems of all kinds. The fuzzy fiber which the kiwi contains helps your intestinal tract to get rid of harmful toxins. Furthermore raw kiwis have actinidain – an enzyme that dissolves proteins. This will help you to better digest your meals.

Kiwis have high amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin C. This means that the kiwi is a natural immunity booster, which is even more perfect, because kiwis are ready for eating in late November, just when your immunity system needs the most help. To sweeten the deal kiwis are a great source of vitamin E. This vitamin is well-known antioxidant that helps protecting the skins form degenerating. Thanks to kiwis your skin will look younger, healthier and radiant.

One of the greatest benefits of kiwis is to your heart’s health. It has been proven that eating 2-3 kiwis a day reduces the chance of blood clotting by nearly 20 percent. Furthermore it reduces triglycerides by 15%. This makes kiwi the perfect replacement for aspirin. Aspirin is usually side effects free, but some people are allergic to it. This makes kiwi the perfect anti-clotting solution for them, since the fruit is all- natural and has no side effects.

Kiwis can help you with your eye problems too due to it’s effects against macular degeneration. By eating 3 or more fruits a day you can decrease this leading cause of vision loss by nearly 37%. Scientist think that this effect may be caused by kiwi’s high mounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are natural chemicals found in the human eye.

If these are not enough reasons to buy this marvelous fruit, well buy it because of its fantastic taste. It’s fresh, sweet, low on calories and it good for your health. What are you waiting for?!

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