The summer is over and your vacation has faded away with it. There are no more seasides, parties, drinks, late nights and sleeping till noon. There is just work, or school or college, or whatever daily chore you have. If there is one thing positive about this time of year it’s the grapes. Oh how I love them. They are like little drops of heaven that you can eat by dozens.

They are delicious and can be used as a desert for every meal (or in my case instead of every meal). But grapes are not just a gift from God for you to enjoy as the summer slips away, they are a great source of beauty and can help you prepare yourself for the upcoming winter months.

First of all grapes are like a portal to a parallel universe. No they do not take you there, but they bring a universe of anti-oxidants. They will invade your skin and destroy all harmful bacteria. Soon your skin will look fresh, young and radiant. All you have to do is mash some grapes in a bowl and apply them on your face. After 10 minutes rinse this awesome mask with lukewarm water and you’ll feel the instant freshness on your face.

If you have acne problem grapes are your best solution to the problem. The recipe is the same. Mash grapes and apply them on your face. The phyto-nutrients and phyto-chemicals which are packed in each and every grape are going to eat the bacteria causing your skin problems.

Grapes are also packed with flavonoids which are great for protecting you from the harmful sun rays. Yes, yes, the summer is gone, but the sun is still very much hot and bright up in the sky and your skin is as fragile as ever. So make a delicious homemade sun cream and be careful not to eat it before you use it. Mix some honey with mashed grapes and apply it on your sun burns. The healing power of this magical recipe will bring you instant relieve. More importantly your skin won’t suffer as much from it.

The delicious fruit is pretty much a God give gift for your skin, so don’t be shy to use it. Grapes are rich on alpha hydroxyl acids, which are essential for every one, who wants to have fair and young looking skin. This is possible thanks to the fruits properties to clean dead skin cells and protect the surface of your skin from all kinds of germs and bacteria.

People who have dry skin are most affected by the grape’s miracle-like abilities. There is a simple home made face mask that will make wonders with your skin and you will be as smooth as a baby afterwards. Just mix some grape puree, honey, rose water and avocado pulp and your mask is ready. Apply it on your face and leave it for 20 minutes, and after that wash it away with cool water.

Use this mask regularly for several weeks and your skin will became as smooth as the day you were born.

Soooo… what are you waiting for. Go to the market and buy some grapes.


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